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Computational governance: The key to building safe and compliant AI
15 January 2024
The Future of AI: Capitalising the value of proprietary data
22 December 2023
How CISOs Can Enable Productization of Valuable Data Assets
19 December 2023
German antitrust leader warns AI may boost Big Tech dominance
10 October 2023
Stop talking, start doing – AI regulation is coming and you need to be ready for it
18 September 2023
Will the NHS Federated Data Platform transform UK healthcare?
IT Pro
4 August 2023
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17 May 2023
Sunak’s challenge is to design flexible but firm rules for artificial intelligence
City A.M.
28 April 2023
The UK has gone rogue with its AI policy
17 April 2023
AI regulation: Why it needs to come sooner rather than later
The AI Journal
4 April 2023
How Data Sharing Can Upgrade AI for Pharma
The Medicine Maker
10 February 2023
US-EU Artificial Intelligence agreement proves there’s no time to wait for companies to act on AI regulation
6 February 2023
How to collaborate without sharing data
InfoSecurity Magazine
9 January 2023
Big Tech’s thirst for data is behind Microsoft’s investment in the London Stock Exchange Group
The AI Journal
20 December 2022
Meet Robin Röhm, CEO and Co-Founder at Apheris
2 November 2022
Tories to replace GDPR
Computer Weekly
4 October 2022
Donelan hints at replacing GDPR with British alternative
5 October 2022
Letters: A GDPR Brexit won’t help us
City A.M.
6 October 2022
UK to replace GDPR with ‘consumer-friendly’ privacy regime
AI Business
5 October 2022

Latest announcements

Apheris Launches Trust Center, Elevating Security and Data Privacy Standards
The Apheris Trust Center serves as a comprehensive resource for organizations seeking to uphold the highest standards of security and data privacy. It offers guidance and our certifications and attestations, including ISO 27001 and SOC 2, that customers value as essential components to fulfil their compliance obligations.
Kathryn Lye
Apheris Achieves SOC 2 Type I Attestation – Reinforcing Our Commitment to Security
Apheris achieves SOC 2 Type I attestation, reaffirming its commitment to data security and privacy, and the comprehensive measures we have implemented to protect sensitive information and ensure the highest level of security.
Kathryn Lye
Apheris achieves top information security certification, ISO 27001
Certification highlights our mission and focus on best practices for federated machine learning and analytics, enabling organizations to securely build and operationalize machine learning and data applications across boundaries.
Kathryn Lye
Apheris raises €8.7m to power development of smarter AI and collaboratively solve the world’s biggest challenges
Seed extension round led by Octopus Ventures to drive growth of platform enabling organizations to unlock terabytes of valuable data risk-free
Kathryn Lye
Apheris launches platform to unlock data and enable collaboration to solve the world’s biggest problems
The Apheris Platform enables multiple organisations to extract value from each other’s decentralised data sets and overcome regulatory, technical, and commercial challenges.
Kathryn Lye

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