Framework for privacy-preserving data sharing

For organizations that need access to third-party data while protecting their IP, Apheris creates a privacy-preserving data ecosystem

Decentralized analysis on distributed datasets. Data stays under the full control of the data owner

Our privacy engine is built upon breakthrough innovations in the fields of cryptography, data privacy and federated machine learning

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Our CEO Robin explains how Apheris helps you to unlock the full potential of your data

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How our product works

Moving algorithms instead of data

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We empower data scientists to access and compute on third-party private data, without compromising or revealing the underlying data.


Our core privacy engine is empowered by cutting-edge privacy technologies

Apheris enables companies to train AI models on distributed data while fully preserving data privacy. Computations are executed locally – data never leaves the local environment and data privacy is preserved throughout the entire process. We use cutting-edge technologies to provide mathematical guarantees for privacy preservation.

Secure multiparty computation

Compute a joint function on multiple private inputs, where no party learns anything extra about other parties’ inputs.

Differential privacy

Introduce random noise into results of queries on underlying confidential data so that observers cannot reconstruct the original data.

Privacy preserving record linkage

Match data records that belong to the same entity (e.g. person) without revealing the identity of the entity.

Homomorphic encryption

Encrypt data such that computation is possible on the ciphertext – decrypted result matches computation on plaintext.

Platform architecture

Enterprise grade security: scalable computing platform built upon the latest security standards

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Ease of use

Seamless deployment


Key features

Protect data privacy and intellectual property of data

Industry-leading privacy-preserving technology for the most complex algorithms

Industry-leading federation technology

Enterprise-grade security

Tested and trusted


key features