Computational governance for ML and analytics

Governed, private, secure computational access to sensitive data. Control, manage and trace every computation.

The Apheris Compute Gateway to productize sensitive data

Seamlessly installed alongside your data. Data never moves. Data is never directly accessible.

Control, supervise, and track all aspects of computations on your data. Automatically evaluate incoming compute requests. Adjust privacy and security properties to your use case and oversee released results.

Insights from data across boundaries

Data never moves

Always in full control

Connect any ML workflow

Governance, security and privacy in one package.

Connect any data to any workflow

Allow secure and privacy-preserving insights from any data type. Integrate easily with any machine learning and analytics workflow.

Granular policies safeguard your data

Automatically apply asset policies for full computational governance. Define permissions down to the computational level and easily adjust your policies to new requirements through an intuitive UI.

Data discovered and understood safely

Enable trusted users to view metadata of your datasets. Upload and expose synthetic discovery data to facilitate understanding data structure without compromising on privacy.

Human-in-the-loop or fully automated

Inspect received compute requests against your data asset policies. Automate compute job execution already in compliance with your requirements.

Security ensured. Privacy preserved.

Secure-by-design architecture

Encryption at rest & in transit

Logging & Monitoring

Network Security

No ingress

Role-based access control

Federated Learning

Federated Statistics

Computational Governance

Homomorphic Encryption

Differential Privacy

Noise, rounded & bounded privacy

Designed with privacy and security as the foundation

Seamlessly connect any ML workflow

Specify computational requirements such as compute resources, datasets and ML models with any standard workflow and send it off for training.

ML models trained in full compliance

Ready-made model implementations automatically reviewed for privacy, security and governance.

Understand model-specific security and privacy risks and configure best safeguards.

Apheris Trust Center

Apheris fosters trusted collaborations for you and your customers.

Assess Apheris security certifications, fortified architecture and third party pentests. Get access to exclusive guides supporting your privacy and compliance efforts.

Apheris Trust Center.

Comply with local regulations. 
Scale across use cases.

Use the flexibility of the Apheris Compute Gateway to scale across organizational, geographical and legal boundaries.

Generate value with your sensitive data in a simple, secure and powerful way.

Securely working across organizational boundaries


"With Apheris, we found the perfect partner for exploring privacy preserving data analytics and optimization along the value chain with our customers."

Christian Winkler, Director Global Infinergy Operations BASF

A gateway to data collaboration

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