Medical Imaging AI

AI-enabled imaging, diagnostics and workflow support previously thought impossible

Safely access data across boundaries

Medical imaging AI companies need computational access to real-world data to build trusted models and robust AI-enabled tools. Apheris enables organizations to computationally access data that spans geographical and organizational boundaries. Data doesn't move and data custodians remain in control of their data.

AI in medical imaging

Access sensitive customer data to build AI-enabled applications

Get access to your customers’ medical imaging data (MRI, radiology). Accelerate development of robust and generalizable diagnostics or clinical decision support applications.

Build federated data networks

Start ground-breaking data collaborations across private and public institutions. Jointly learn from distributed imaging data of multiple organizations while protecting IP and data privacy.

Federated learning for digital pathology

Train weakly supervised AI models to assist with segmentation, classification, or diagnosis in digital pathology. Protect patient privacy and ensure compliance while still allowing for large-scale access to data of multiple sites across countries.

Why medical imaging AI teams choose Apheris

No movement of data

Apheris' federated infrastructure ensures that the imaging data always stays where it resides and under the full control of the data custodian.

Integrate into your workflow

AI teams can leverage existing model and data pilelines while protecting any model IP.


The Apheris platform scales to thousands of deployments or very large compute workloads, a key requirement for rolling out across your customer base.


Apheris offers state-of-the art security, privacy, and governance to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Data stays where it resides and never moves across geographical borders.

Private, secure, governed ML

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