Apheris achieves top information security certification, ISO 27001

Certification highlights our mission and focus on best practices for federated machine learning and analytics, enabling organizations to securely build and operationalize machine learning and data applications across boundaries.
Kathryn Lye
Head of Marketing
Published 19 January 2023

What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 is an international standard used to assess how securely organizations manage their data and that of their customers.

The certification process involves several third-party audits of internal and external information security and data protection policies. Organizations that achieve certification demonstrate the highest level of information security standards.

What does this mean for Apheris?

It goes without saying that many of our customers and partners operate in sectors where highly sensitive data is the norm, such as healthcare. But even for those clients who do not operate in highly sensitive areas, we know that information security is still a top priority. For us, it’s of the utmost importance for our customers and partners to have total confidence in us, our technology, and our stewardship of their data.

Robin Röhm, CEO at Apheris, comments: "Security is part of our DNA. Appropriate security measures are essential for us. So, applying for ISO 27001 certification was one step towards our goal of being a trusted partner for our customers."

Applying for ISO 27001, shows our ongoing commitment to security and privacy in our business and our product. With the necessary documentation, processes, and security measures in place, we’re now very pleased to announce that Apheris is ISO 27001 certified.

“Our product is private and secure by design. We leverage state of the art technologies to ensure our platform is the most secure we can make it. Additional technical and organizational measures then make our approach complete. The certification is great recognition of our efforts and proves that we’re demonstrating the highest standards possible,” stated Dr. Michael Höh, CTO at Apheris.

If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch with the team.

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