Secure Multi-Partner Data Collaboration

The Apheris Platform for federated and privacy-preserving data science allows you to safely collaborate with partners while protecting privacy, IP and maintaining compliance.

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Securely analyze distributed data of multiple parties while keeping proprietary information private

Create a collaborative data ecosystem

Unlock the full value of complementary data of multiple organizations and compute across data silos.

Analyze the data of third parties

Accelerate data insights, save time and reduce costs by accessing data of your partners, suppliers and customers.

Pre-collaboration assessment

Test third-party data and algorithmic assets prior to purchase with no risk of losing intellectual property. Eliminate costly compliance processes.

Securely commercialize data & data products

Maintain compliance and build new revenue streams from distributed data across geographies and business lines.

platform for federated and privacy preserving data science

The #1 platform for federated and privacy preserving data science

End-to-end solution

Apheris is your partner to build and orchestrate data collaborations across multiple parties

Data science on not directly accessible data

The Apheris Platform enables the complete range of data science operations on previously inaccessible data

Holistic privacy & security approach

Our proprietary approach intelligently combines privacy assessment and cutting-edge security measures

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We pledge to offer our expertise in privacy preserving technologies to help fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are a member of the TCN coalition, the new Linux Foundation Public Health and are one of the ten founding adopters of the Open Covid Pledge including Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and IBM.
Our Open Covid Pledge...

Find out more about our work and how we help customers to securely analyze data of multiple parties while keeping proprietary information private.

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