Unlocking value from
distributed data 

We pledge to offer our expertise in privacy-preserving technologies to help fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

We collaborate with the TCN-Coalition and are founding adopter of the Open Covid Pledge. Find all pledgors here.

We use federated and privacy-preserving analytics & AI to extract more and better data insights. 

We provide software and programming frameworks that will help you enrich your company's dataset and build privacy compliant models and analytics. Data can be linked and exchanged across companies while preserving data privacy.

We bridge the gap between science and practice.

Our technology is built upon the latest advancements in the fields of cryptography, mathematical privacy and AI. We are a deeply technical, innovative and customer-centric company.

apheris AI is deeply committed to preserving data privacy.

Our team has decades of experience building technology for privacy-preserving computations.

We understand the importance of protecting sensitive data.

Build your customer trust

Offer your customers transparency and control over their personal data.

Increase your protection against cyberattacks

Handling both cybersecurity and privacy is a complex matter that requires our expertise.

Improve your data analytics capabilities

Drive greater value for all stakeholders with well protected data analytics.

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