Privacy-preserving data ecosystems

Apheris enables enterprises to collaborate and analyse data securely without compromising privacy.

We pledge to offer our expertise in privacy-preserving technologies to help fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are a member of the TCN coalition, the new Linux Foundation Public Health and are one of the ten founding adopters of the Open Covid Pledge besides Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and IBM.
Our Open Covid Pledge...

secure server

Enterprise software for privacy-preserving computations

Our product is powered by breakthrough cryptographic technologies and data privacy techniques

We provide mathematically proven privacy which ensures that data records cannot be reconstructed

Data stays local and under the full control of the data owners, we bring the computations to the data.

Our solution allows companies to collaborate securely and build privacy-preserving data ecosystems

Break down data silos

Securely share insights from federated data without loss of data privacy

Collaborate on data and build data ecosystems

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Find out more about our work and how we help customers to securely and privately collaborate to unlock value from distributed datasets.

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