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Build, deploy and operationalize data products and AI across organizational boundaries, while protecting privacy and IP

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"Apheris offers a robust and flexible platform that lets us collaborate with our partners, ensures privacy at all times, allows us to train high-quality AI, and to leverage the most important datasets we have."

Director of AI, Top-50 Pharma Company

HOW IT WORKS Collaborate securely with different companies and across industries using AI and analytics

Collaborating with partners on AI and analytics can be often impeded by privacy restrictions and the fear of losing IP. This has dramatic effects on the ROI of AI projects.

Apheris is the world’s first enterprise-ready platform for collaborative data ecosystems.

Launch new collaborations with partners on complementary data with confidence and in rapid time.

Illustration of a platform for federated and privacy preserving data science

Privacy-first and data-centric AI and analytics

We provide an end-to-end platform for federated & privacy-preserving data science.


Connect data sources across your business and enable the most impactful AI projects.


Collaborate seamlessly with partners on complementary data.


Collaborate across multiple partners and various industries to create leading AI.

Data Ecosystem

Create collaborative data ecosystems to leverage data for AI on an unprecedented scale.

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