Our Mission

To help enterprises solve humanity's greatest challenges through secure, collaborative data ecosystems.

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Our story

In 2019, when the data applications we built couldn't be used due to regulatory constraints and data being distributed across departments, we created a solution using a reversal technique: instead of moving the data, what if we could move the algorithm?
That's when Apheris was created.
Today, the Apheris product is used by some of the largest global organizations to effectively collaborate across teams, across borders, and across organizations. Our customers are unlocking complementary data value, improving their machine learning capability, and accelerating progress in ways not previously possible — and we know there is an even brighter future ahead.

Meet the Leadership Team

Robin Röhm

CEO & Co-Founder
Robin studied Medicine, Philosophy and Mathematics and was trained in global banking at UBS. In one of his previous Start-ups, he lost multiple customers as data couldn’t be centralized due to regulatory constraints. He is driving the vision, strategy, and culture of Apheris.

Michael Höh (PhD)

CTO & Co-Founder
Michael has a PhD in Physics and Computer Science. 
He was trained at BCG where he build digital solutions and AI applications for industrial clients. As CTO and Co-Founder, he leads our platform architecture and its design, our engineering targetpicture, technical customer commitments and legal and contractual scoping.

Eero Jyske

VP Engineering
Eero is a world-class engineering leader. He previously built and scaled best-in-class engineering teams at AlphaSense and ICEYE.

Ellie Dobson

VP of Product
Ellie is an outstanding technologist with an impressive background working on particle physics at CERN, in various engineering and leading data science roles, most recently a leading role in Product at Graphcore.

How we support sustainability

We believe in creating a culture of impact and hope to inspire others to follow our lead.

We take action

We do more than speaking about sustainability — we deeply care about it. This includes running our offices and digital services on 100% renewable energy, opting for more sustainable forms of travel, supporting carbon renewal projects, procuring second-hand products, and more.

We collaborate

Through data collaboration and with the help of AI, we are actively supporting our large enterprise customers to develop better products, reduce waste, and increase transparency in their value chains.

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