Apheris for real-world healthcare data of any modality

Collaborate with partners on data and AI. Innovate and evolve the practice of life sciences​.

Advance life sciences research with granular computational access to real-world data for AI, ML and analytics

Disease and treatment R&D

Help your pharma and life sciences customers to advance their understanding of disease and treatments.

Drug development

Boost your pharma customer’s drug development process.

Clinical tooling

Enable your customers to gain insights from clinical tools used in healthcare delivery to fuel R&D.

Extend your research capabilities

Build on multi-modal RWD across borders

  • Provide granular computational access to distributed patient data (EMR, imaging, omics) across organizational and geographic boundaries while remaining compliant.

  • Increase insights from diverse datasets for differentiated and performant models.

  • Apheris programmatic interface reduces costs of real-world evidence, imaging and omics application development

Deliver real-world value to your customers and partners

Our Customers & Partners

What customers are saying about Apheris

«We have the capabilities to interrogate our rich dataset, but we lack the governance and privacy piece to enable our customers to do this on EU data. This is what Apheris helps solve for us.»

Product Director Data Aggregator

Use Apheris to...

Apheris allows organizations along the value chain to collaborate on data, AI, and to share domain expertise without risking privacy or intellectual property of data, machine learning models, or other assets.

No need to move data

Apheris federated infrastructure ensures that data always stays where it resides and under the full control of the data custodian, meeting data residency and IP protection requirements.

Integrated SDK

Make data available to your pharma and life sciences customers. Enable them with federated machine learning and optimize the model training process.

Cross-border data analysis

Work collaboratively across borders while ensuring compliance with privacy regulation and residency requirements. Integrate Apheris into your workflows and ensure that data stays protected and never moves across borders.


The Apheris platform scales to many simultaneous computations and can handle large computational workloads, which is key for those businesses that are working across many use cases.

Certifiably secure

Integrates nicely

Integrate Apheris into your product and tech stack seamlessly. Reduce the total cost of ownership to enable compliant federation.

Want to collaborate on distributed data?

Learn how to foster collaboration in a secure, private and compliant way. Talk to us about governed data access for analytics and ML.