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Use cases


Enable governed, private, secure computational access to data for ML. Make data accessible while remaining compliant. Learn more

AI for drug discovery

Enable your researchers with more accurate and generalizable predictive models. Increase efficiencies across every step of pharmaceutical research and development. Learn more

Medical imaging AI

AI-enabled imaging, diagnostics and workflow support previously thought impossible. Learn more


Leverage field data without moving or centralizing data. Keep data custodians in control of their data. Continuously improve algorithms, create new features, and deliver them to customers faster than ever. Learn more

Conversational AI

Power your conversational AI models with unique access to sensitive customer data. Learn more

Risk management & modelling

Leverage datasets from multiple organizations or subsidiaries to determine risk patterns, reduce market frictions, or calculate more accurate prices. Learn more

Equipment Operations

Solving the data scarcity dilemma with algorithmic access to federated machine data in the field. Identify crucial patterns, enabling organizations to optimize their operations including predictive maintenance, surveillance, and efficiency optimization. Learn more.

Anti-Money Laundering

Securely make financial transaction data available to improve anti-money laundering and fraud detection models. Algorithmic access to federated data generated by financial institutions to identify crucial data patterns, enabling you to optimize your models for fraud detection, anti-money laundering, risk predictions and much more. Learn more.

Private, secure, governed ML

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