Harness the Power of Collaborative Data Ecosystems

Share and access data insights across organizations, industries, and geographical borders to build globally impactful solutions.

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Unlock Unprecedented Value

By removing the complexities of data privacy and data protection, we are opening the door to deeper collaboration and greater discovery.

Access complementary data

Capture data insights from organizations, industries, and regions outside your own.

Break down data silos

Gain a full picture view while keeping sensitive data fully secure and protected.

Streamline data access

Collaborate and set standards, to accelerate data access and improve its value.

Accelerate discovery and innovation

Use captured insights to push progress and find solutions with greater speed.

We're creating globally impactful solutions, together.


“With the Federated Data Platform of Apheris, we are finally able to leverage data of our suppliers. We created a high-value anomaly detection model with very little effort. This has already identified 97 percent of the anomalies in the actual process. We particularly like how quick and easy the implementation of Apheris was.”

Director of Production Global Manufacturer



What Are Collaborative Data Ecosystems?

Enterprises across industries are realizing that collaboration on data, machine learning and data science is the key to solving the biggest challenges of our time. This leads to a massive rise of collaborative data ecosystems around the globe. Read more if you want to know what collaborative data ecosystems are

White Paper

Beyond MLOps - How Secure Data Collaboration Unlocks the Next Frontier of AI Innovation

DevOps and MLOps are common methodologies in every company that wants to become software and data science driven by weaving AI into the core fabric of their business. Read what is required to securely collaborate with partners on data and AI at scale.


Buyer's Guide to Secure Data Collaboration

Secure data collaborations with multiple parties are the next source of getting a competitive edge. However, only a few data leaders know what to look for to get projects going. This buyer's guide will help you evaluate platforms and highlight considerations for AI and analytics across organizational boundaries.

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