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Secure data and collaboration in industrial ecosystems

Manufacturing industries are facing geopolitical disputes, resource scarcity, and climate change. These are all challenges that no company can solve alone today. Apheris helps you to build collaborative, open, and secure data ecosystems that are based on governance, trust, and transparency, to enable the most important use cases of our time.

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"With Apheris we found the perfect partner for exploring privacy preserving data analytics and optimization along the value chain with our customers."

Christian Winkler, Director Global Infinergy Operations


Manufacturers are facing a serious dilemma: They know that collaboration on data and AI is the only way forward. But challenges around competitive concerns, intellectual property, data sovereignty and other regulatory requirements keep data, and ultimately innovation, siloed.

Why Apheris

Apheris allows organizations along the value chain to collaborate on data, AI and to share domain expertise without risking privacy or intellectual property of data, machine learning or other assets.

Collaborative Data Ecosystems in Manufacturing

A collaborative data ecosystem is an alignment of business goals, data and technology, among two or more participants, to collectively create more value than each can create individually.

Potential shared value propositions in manufacturing:

  • Net-zero Transformation
  • Value - and Supply-Chain Integration
  • Predictive Maintenance across different organizations



What Are Collaborative Data Ecosystems?

Enterprises across industries are realizing that collaboration on data, machine learning and data science is the key to solving the biggest challenges of our time. This leads to a massive rise of collaborative data ecosystems around the globe. Read more if you want to know what collaborative data ecosystems are


Apheris' first carbon removal purchases

Our focus on sustainability extends beyond the impact we have on our customers, and our environmentally conscious mindset is at the core of Apheris’ work culture.

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