AI in manufacturing

Leverage distributed datasets from your subsidiaries, suppliers, or customers to increase efficiency along the manufacturing value chain

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Collaborate across organizational boundaries while keeping IP protected

Apheris enables data teams in manufacturing to get real-time access to high-quality data and build and orchestrate data ecosystems while keeping IP-sensitive data protected. Collaborate along the value chain without risking privacy or intellectual property of data, machine learning, or other assets.

Secure value chain collaboration

Train robust and interpretable ML models on supplier and partner data to understand efficiency and identify supply chain risks.
Integrate your existing model and data pipelines for validation and QA while ensuring all IP remains protected.

AI quality monitoring

Build powerful quality control systems to detect quality issues early and improve production reliability. Leverage data from machines that span across production sites, organizations, or geographies.

AI-enabled features for machines

Upgrade your machines with continuously improving AI features. Gain access to high-quality data from multiple organizations to train models without transferring any data.

Why data teams in manufacturing choose Apheris

Apheris allows organizations to collaborate on data and AI without risking privacy or intellectual property of data, machine learning, or other assets.


Apheris' federated infrastructure ensures that data always stays where it resides and under the full control of the data custodian, meeting data residency and IP protection requirements.


ML teams can leverage their existing ML and data pipelines to ensure that models are trustworthy, robust, and interpretable.


Work across boundaries while ensuring compliance and that IP is protected. Apheris provides logging of every interaction to assist with audit obligations.


The Apheris Compute Gateway scales to many simultaneous computations and can handle large computational workloads, which is key for those businesses that are working across many use cases.

Enabling privacy preserving analytics along the value chain


"With Apheris we found the perfect partner for exploring privacy preserving data analytics and optimization along the value chain with our customers."

Christian Winkler, Director Global Infinergy Operations

Private, secure, governed

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