Secure data collaboration and AI across boundaries

Collaborate with partners on data and AI to innovate on new medicines and diagnostics
The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a huge transformation and has made tremendous efforts in recent years to harness the power of data. To realize the full potential of data and AI, research institutes, academia, and large organizations must collaborate on sensitive data and share domain expertise.

Our Customers & Partners

“Apheris' innovative federated data platform allowed us to train robust predictive AI models with two of our partners while keeping all data private, onsite, and safe.”

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Current challenges in collaborative research and data sharing in the pharma industry are manifold: valuable data is siloed, inaccessible, or incomplete. Regulatory requirements are ever-changing, and technical complexity makes collaboration unfeasible.

Why Apheris

We enable pioneers to create sustainable data ecosystems that are built on trust, ethics, and deep collaboration. Together with their partners, they can identify new drug candidates, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials and build new diagnostic solutions that improve patient outcomes.
Breakthrough innovation in health ecosystems requires more than just sharing data. Apheris allows deep and trusted collaboration for the training of robust machine learning models. Full governance, privacy, and security for ML ensures data custodians stay in control of data and organizations can collaborate across organizational and geographical boundaries.

Federated learning

Deep access to granular data and insights, without having to move and centralize data. Federated learning results in access to previously inaccessible data, while respecting data ownership.

Data-centric AI

Machine learning models are only as good as the data they are being trained on. Apheris enables governed, private, secure computational access to sensitive data.

Research-grade data

Governed, private, secure computational access to federated data enables pharma companies to access real world data from partner hospitals, labs, or clinics.

Privacy-enhancing technologies

Besides a federated architecture, Apheris leverages multiple PETs to ensure private data stays private and to maintain data quality and usability.

Collaborative data ecosystems in pharma

A collaborative data ecosystem is an alignment of business goals, data and technology, among two or more participants, to collectively create more value than each can create individually. Potential shared value propositions in pharma:
Expand data applications across therapeutic areas
Accelerate drug discovery processes
Enable precision medicine
Build marketplaces based on federated health data