Computational access to federated patient data

MedTech companies are training software without their customers ever sharing their sensitive data

Compliant computational access to federated data

Utilize data that’s currently inaccessible to build new features your customers are asking for.
Implement compliant processes for algorithmic access to data from the field.
Productize and commercialize data for ML.

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Hear Apheris CEO explain how to improve machine software by providing MedTech providers with computational access to real-world machine data from the field.

A new solution is required to leverage field data for ML

Navigating healthcare data acquisition is a complex task for MedTech companies. Privacy concerns and inefficiencies slow down data collection, while traditional anonymization tools risk non-compliance and reduced data quality. Apheris changes this.

Field-based model training

Gain faster computational access to sensitive machine data in the field, accelerating the training of predictive models.

Empowered data owners

Offer hospitals greater control and certainty, leading to quicker and broader computational access to data. This expedites model updates and re-training.

Data stays on-site

Data remains in the machine operator's IT environment, eliminating the need for anonymization and preserving data value. Hospitals maintain control over data processing.

Regulatory agility

Ensures both data owners and MedTech remain compliant while offering the flexibility to adapt to evolving regulations.

No data sharing

Data doesn’t leave the hospital or lab. Regulatory standards are met while enabling ML via Apheris’ federated approach.

Secure and private

Our Compute Gateway ensures only allowed computations are run on data and privacy-preserving results are returned to the MedTech.

Granular control

The data custodian stays in control and defines who can do what at the algorithmic level.

AI is revolutionizing MedTech

Using proprietary data to customize commoditized models is opening up opportunity in MedTech. Continuously improve algorithms, create new features, and deliver them to customers faster than ever.

Clinical workflow support

Medical imaging

Object segmentation

Scalable across boundaries

Scale federated computations on sensitive MedTech device data aross organizational and geographical borders. Utilize data from across your customer sites.

Ready to re-shape the future of MedTech?

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