Federated data ecosystems are changing healthcare

Collaborating without sharing data is allowing greater breakthroughs and efficiency

Breakthroughs in healthcare are faster and more reliable with federated data ecosystems. By processing patient data without risking its integrity, data collaboration is safer and more effective than data sharing.

This e-book highlights real-world examples and explains how to implement a federated data ecosystem in pharma and healthcare.


Benefits of federated data ecosystems in pharma and healthcare


Examples in drug discovery, clinical trials and commercial growth


How data collaboration compares with data sharing


How to get started with federated data ecosystems

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White Paper

Federated Learning on Vertically Distributed Healthcare Data

Joining complementary data sets creates stronger machine learning capabilities. But valuable data containing intellectual property cannot be shared and must adhere to regulatory frameworks. Healthcare companies can use federated learning to work with decentralized data, allowing secure collaboration without sharing data.

Case Study

Case Study: Pharma

Learn how to leverage federated and sensitive data at scale and how you can collaborate with your partners to advance and evolve the practice of life sciences.

Case Study

Case Study: Healthcare

We need to make biomedical data easily accessible and securely usable, to find new medicines and diagnostics, and to establish data-based insights that evolve the practice of medicine.