The State of Data Collaboration – why we are asking for your help

Participate in our survey and shape the future of Data Collaboration. For a completed survey you will recieve a report that will help to benchmark yourself and your company on your collaborative ecosystem efforts.
Published 8 September 2022

At Apheris, we firmly believe that the only way we are going to solve some of the challenges facing our planet today is through data collaboration. We are on a mission to fundamentally change how organizations collaborate on data and AI to accelerate their discovery and innovation that will ultimately combat climate change, reduce supply chain disruptions, cure diseases, or establish better treatments and improved healthcare.

Collaborating on data is complex. There are privacy regulations to consider, security requirements, IP protection, and ensuring interoperability between partners before collaboration can go ahead. Without these complexities resolved, trust can’t be established, and a data collaboration quickly stalls limiting the value derived from available data. By removing these barriers and helping to solve these challenges throughout the entire data and MLOps lifecycle, we are enabling organizations to successfully collaborate and establish data ecosystems that deliver more value than any individual organization could deliver on their own.

We have a lot of ideas about what we can do. However, we figured the best way to help ourselves was to ask our customers, our partners, data scientists, data analysts, ML engineers, and the many people who have the knowledge that can help us work out the best way forward. Our aim is to build a product and deliver a service that allows you to deliver the best outcomes.

We are now asking data leaders, data scientists, data engineers, and product managers that build next-gen data applications to complete a short survey that covers privacy, the data stack, privacy-enhancing technologies, challenges with data sharing, and views on collaborative data ecosystems. The input you provide will directly influence how we can help you securely collaborate on data and AI. We are happy to share insights too – we will bundle these up into a report, which we expect to publish in September 2022, that aims to help you benchmark yourself and establish the next steps on your collaborative data ecosystem journey.

Additionally, we will donate 50 EUR to a climate fund you can choose from (UNICEF, WWF or BUND) for each completed survey. Just select your preferred organization at the end of the survey. We are very curious about your opinion and thank you in advance for your contribution!

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