Enable insights without sharing a single data point.

Governance, security and privacy for machine learning and analytics on sensitive data.

Control every byte while data stays home

Control Compute

Clearly define permitted computations and statistical functions for each dataset and user.
Automatically validate incoming computational requests against configured asset policies.

Inspect Code

Inspect and evaluate model code changes. Approve or reject in the same workflow.
Empower research teams to iterate while minimizing your effort assessing privacy and compliance risks.

Maintain Auditability

Maintain a transparent audit trail via detailed logging.
Utilize a robust API for seamless integration into your current logging infrastructure.

Privacy-preserving insights from sensitive data

Apheris is the governance, privacy and security layer 
for machine learning and analytics on data.
Allow learning from real-world data without sharing a single data point. Bring computations to data and stay in full control.

An Integrated GovPrivSec layer to comply with emerging AI regulation

Born in Germany. Raised in Europe. Used everywhere.

On-prem deployments in German hospitals — most regulated and compliance-intensive setups
Servicing 6 out of the top 10 pharma companies
Onboarding a 200+ Compute Gateway deployment for a single customer
Trusted source for risk and threat modelling of leading public and private institutions
10+ live deployments on-prem 
and in the cloud in
USA • Canada • Europe
Partnerships with top tier research institutes in Europe and the US
Pentested by top European cybersecurity companies
CB insights Global Top 100 private AI companies

Privacy & Security with Apheris

How to assess privacy & security in readiness for federated machine learning & analytics

Secure and private by design

Apheris prioritizes data and IP protection with top-tier security, privacy, and governance standards.
Regular testing by leading European cybersecurity firms and built-in defenses ensure our reliability and safety against threats.
Access everything for your compliance assessment within the Apheris Trust Center.

Want to productize your data assets?

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