Equipment operations: solving the data scarcity dilemma

Algorithmic access to federated machine data in the field
Identify crucial data patterns, enabling organizations to optimize their operations including predictive maintenance, surveillance, and efficiency optimization.

Access more of your fleet data to reduce the cost of unplanned downtime

Current monitoring solutions struggle to diagnose faults ahead of time, while security concerns, connectivity costs, and the complexity of scaling predictive maintenance across machines further compound the issue.

Data never moves

Bring the compute to the data. Allow predictive models to be trained on real-world machine data in the field.

Seamless federation

Leverage insights from the entire fleet with zero code-port.

Computational governance

Machine operator approves jobs at the computational level. Data that is made available gets updated and can be used to re-train or update models.

Easily scale

Scale predictive maintenance across more products, sites, and geographies. Extend the benefits across your entire product line.

Be more efficient with insights from more fleet data

Transform industrial operations by optimizing equipment operation through machine learning and advanced analytics.

Our product is easily integrated into your existing environment, enabling you to leverage existing infrastructure and maximize insights from machine data.

Focus on critical equipment and high value processes to ensure optimal process and reduce costs of unplanned downtime.

Improve asset uptime

Proactively maintain equipment

Increase productivity

Easily integrated for any use case

Predictive maintenance walkthrough

Our VP Product walks us through using the Apheris Compute Gateway to provide governed, private, secure computational access to data for predictive maintenance
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No data sharing, secure, private

Data remains in the machine operator’s IT environment reducing the risk of a data IP leak.

More accurate models

Minimize downtime with precise predictive maintenance models trained on field data. Achieve superior accuracy by training models on federated field data gathered from your fleet rather than individual machines.

Scalable across boundaries

Securely scale predictive maintenance across more products, sites, and geographies for insights from your entire fleet distribution.

Security is at our core

We apply strict security policies, documented and audited processes and technology best practices. Security awareness is integral to our culture and runs throughout our organization.

Ensuring industrial companies are well placed to unlock the hidden value of sensitive data

Predictive maintenance

Remote surveillance

Equipment optimization

Enabling secure ML and analytics across boundaries


"With Apheris we found the perfect partner for exploring privacy preserving data analytics and optimization along the value chain with our customers."

Christian Winkler, Director Global Infinergy Operations  BASF

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