Are you ready for the EU AI Act?

Unlock the keys to EU AI Act compliance
Every organization using AI or ML in Europe needs to pay attention - the clock is ticking!
Are you prepared for the upcoming EU AI Act? Read our infographic to learn more!
Published 31 October 2023

Why you can’t afford to ignore this

  • Timing: Key milestones and deadlines you must be aware of

  • Legal obligations: The EU AI Act mandates a change in your AI and ML operations

  • Compliance & privacy risks: stay ahead of data breaches, non-compliant third-party data processing, and more


What you’ll learn in this infographic

  • The risk-based approach of the EU AI Act and what it means for you

  • Examples of high-risk systems: Does your organization fall under this category?

  • Compliance steps: From registration to post-market monitoring


Comply with confidence

Our Compute Gateway (CG) ensures you meet EU AI Act compliance requirements when training and customizing ML models.

  • Comprehensive risk assessment

  • Secure high-quality datasets

  • Traceable logging and documentation

  • Robustness, security and accuracy


Don’t risk being left behind

Download the infographic now and start your journey to full compliance.

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