Our Commitment to Privacy and Security

In everything we do, privacy and security have the highest priority. The Apheris Platform safeguards the privacy and IP of all data and algorithmic assets.

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Enterprise-Grade Privacy and Security

We think about privacy and security holistically. Our platform is based on four principles:

Secure Federated Architecture

Data will never move and will stay in isolated and confidential environments.

Privacy Controls

State-of-the-art privacy controls ensure that computations do not leak privacy or IP.

Asset Policies

Data providers and data consumers have full control over their data and algorithmic assets.


Every operation on the platform is logged to
enable traceability and auditability.

Protecting and Securing Your Data

Security is considered in every part of our platform to ensure trust in all your data collaborations.

Architectural Security

Our architecture is built from the ground up with security and privacy being central to its design.

Infrastructure Security

Your data is held in data centers hosted by AWS with the highest standards of physical security, which can either be managed by us or by yourself.

Product Security

All relevant operations within the platform are logged to enable organizational oversight and support auditability functions.

Organizational Measures

Technical checkpoints throughout our development process ensure that we never lose our focus on security.

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Compliance according to GDPR and HIPAA

Apheris follows industry-leading standards and policies.

Michael Höh

"With our built-in privacy, legal compliance, governance and security concepts we support you in every aspect of your collaboration."

Michael Höh (PhD) CTO & Co-Founder

"Our dedicated and experienced legal team guides you through the process of ensuring compliance across all partners."

Lucie Arntz Head of Legal

Lucie Arntz