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Build, deploy, and operationalize data applications and AI across organizational boundaries with our secure and scalable Federated Data Platform.

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Designed for enterprise data processing with the ability to support cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments, we are equipped to meet your needs now and in the future.


Designed to fulfill clear requirements on data sovereignty and data ownership for all participants of the ecosystem.

How It Works

Innovate on powerful, collaborative insights while keeping sensitive data safe and secure.

Data provider creates nodes in their environment

Secure nodes are isolated in confidential environments where data always stays protected. Sensitive data never leaves its secure environment and all data science computations happen exclusively within it.

Data provider registers data

Select a set of files to add to a workspace and describe data to understand the scope and origin. Add or generate representative test data to enable third-parties to explore your data in a privacy-preserving manner.

Data provider creates asset policies

Data providers are in full control of their data. Create asset policies, including access permissions, to define who has access for what purpose.

Data consumer explores available data

Use metadata, representative test data, and privacy-preserving statistics computations to explore data characteristics and build computations to test locally.

Data consumer begins to conduct data science experiments

Computations are orchestrated across selected datasets while data stays protected in its node and our proprietary Privacy Guard enforces specific privacy requirements. Node results are then aggregated and returned to the data consumer.

Data consumer unlocks insights

Retrieve the results from the computation and analyze to generate powerful business insights.

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See the powerful potential of collaborative data ecosystems for your organization

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Apheris enables the secure analysis of data across organizational boundaries

We're creating globally impactful solutions, together.


“Convincing data providers to share their data with us was extremely difficult, if not impossible. Now, within the secure federated architecture of Apheris, data never moves, and we only had to make minimal adjustments to our established data science workflows and infrastructure. We are now developing use cases that were deemed impossible before.”

Director Global Innovations Top-10 Pharma Company



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See the powerful potential of collaborative data ecosystems for your organization?

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