End-to-end security for your entire data ecosystem

To support data science and collaborate on deep and granular insights, security has to be integral to every aspect of your data ecosystem.

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Why choose Apheris

Given the critical work performed on our platform, security is our lifeblood. Apheris uses a range of intelligent security modules, is based on a resilient infrastructure, and provides flexibility with fine-grained access policies which enable you to meet specific security and compliance requirements in a straightforward manner.



Enterprise-grade security with full governance and audit functionalities



Future-proof privacy guard and fine-granular asset policies



Computations are performed in isolated compute environments



Zero-trust set-up ensures compliance, transaction auditability and security

How it works

We diligently protect the security of all assets that are part of the data ecosystem: from the data itself, the encryption of computations, to the IP of machine learning models and other data applications. Security has the highest priority in everything we do, and we never lose focus on it.

Industry-leading standards

Our platform is built to keep data secure with best-in-class privacy and data protection. We observe industry-leading security standards and comply with strict security regulations to maintain the confidentiality, availability, traceability and integrity of your data and data science workflows.

Multi-layered safeguards

Privacy and security go hand in hand to make sure that no personal data is leaked: Through multi-layered safeguards we prevent any third-party from unauthorized access or disclosure of data.

Adaptive protection

Our industry-leading security and privacy experts work proactively to stay ahead of adversaries by hunting for sophisticated threats and new attack vectors, immediately eradicating risks.

Architectural security

Our platform architecture is built from the ground up with security and privacy being central to its design.

Infrastructure security

Your data is processed with the highest standards of physical security and held in data centers that are either managed by us or by yourself.

Product security

All relevant operations within the platform are logged to enable organizational oversight and support auditability functions.

Organizational measures

Technical checkpoints throughout our development process ensure that we never lose our focus on security.

Compliance and accreditation

The entire environment of Apheris is built on best practices and principles:

Industry-leading standards and policies:

  • Federated Trusted Research Environments
  • Federated Data Networks
  • Gaia-X
  • GDPR

International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

  • ISO 27001



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