Unlock your data's potential

Make your data accessible without sharing your data. As a data custodian, you stay in full control of data while allowing access for advanced analytics and machine learning.

Federated infrastructure

The Apheris Compute Gateway is deployed into your environment where you register data. This includes robust asset policies that allow you to determine the right level of privacy and security for your data, who can access that data and for what purpose. Combine this with logging of interactions and you can be sure you remain compliant and avoid the risk of a data breach or IP leak.

No need to centralize data

With no need to share or centralize data, and with robust asset policies, you remain in control of your data including who has access and for what purpose. Logging of every interaction allows for traceability and audit to meet regulatory requirements.

Work across organizational and geographical boundaries

Because data doesn't need to move, and with the right privacy-enhancing technologies in place, you can provide access to even the most sensitive data.

Unlock inaccessible data for machine learning

Allow complementary data value to be unlocked by allowing previously inaccessible data to be included in machine learning models and analytics.

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Learn how Apheris provides privacy, security and governance to ML data, allowing custodians to provide access with peace of mind.
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Apheris Compute Gateway - no need to move data

Leverage federated data sources

Apheris makes it easy to leverage federated data for machine learning and analytics. Data doesn't need to move protecting IP, ensuring data privacy, and eliminating the costs of centralizing data.

Deploy anywhere

Each data custodian deploys the Compute Gateway within their existing infrastructure (either cloud or on-prem) and connects it to the data. Apheris provides abstractions for the data sources and each party controls which computations are allowed to run on their data.

Flexibility on compute

The Compute Gateway empowers external parties to run computations on the connected data. Included is an environment from Apheris (based on Python/Kubernetes) containing statistics and machine learning modules designed for federated computations. Alternatively, connect to external environments, such as Spark.

Data custodians stay in full control, always

Data custodians are in full control over what happens with their data. They define asset policies with privacy controls that specify which user is permitted to run which computation on their data.
For any computation request from a user, asset policies are validated at multiple points throughout the platform. Additionally, data custodians can approve incoming compute requests and control what results leave their Compute Gateway. This ensures that results are returned to the data scientist without exposing data or IP.

Technical specification

  • Deployment using infrastructure-as-code (Helm Charts, Terraform) provided by Apheris into a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Apheris provides reference deployments for all major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) and on-premises deployments.
  • As an alternative to deploying the Compute Gateway into an existing Kubernetes cluster, Apheris also provides a standalone installer, which includes a lightweight Kubernetes distribution.
    Supports large computational workloads. For example, large foundational ML models.

Private & secure

Asset policies, including fine-grained access controls, determine who has access and for what purpose.
Multiple privacy-enhancing technologies allow users to set the appropriate level of privacy for the type of data so that maximum value is extracted from any dataset.
Each action on the Apheris Platform is logged for full auditability and enforcement of the asset policies.


Data doesn't need to move so data cusodians always stay in full control of their data and data sovereignty is retained. Logging of operations ensures traceability for audit and compliance needs.

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Address today's challenges. Make data accessible.

Reduce risks and costs

Reduce risk and remove overhead costs associated with centralizing or copying data.

Enhance partnerships

Enhance partnerships by providing greater data access and participating in data ecosystems.

Monetize your data

Offer value-added services and monetize data in ways not previously possible.

Working with data partners is easier with Apheris

Data Custodian

"When I think about Apheris, I think about acceleration. We were able to accelerate the onboarding of new partners by months, which also leads to much faster development and evolution of our own data products."

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Any data, any size, anywhere

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