Expand your RWD network. Increase quality of insights.

Powered by federated learning and computational governance
Build trust and compliance in real-world data utilization to advance RWE with private and secure algorithmic access to sensitive patient data.

Granular computational access to data without sharing

Meet the growing demand for granular computational access to your data network is challenging. Navigating regulatory frameworks is complex. Adapting to changing governance, privacy, security requirements, at each stage of your customers’ multi-stage workflow, while navigating strict data protection laws, will be key to unlocking your real-world data potential.

Data doesn't move

Utilize federation to apply analytics or machine learning to distributed data sources.

Ensure compliance

Define and enforce what is allowed to run on your data. Set robust privacy controls. Trace every computation. Model-specific risk assessments and safeguards.

Computational governance

Govern ML workloads. Set and revoke asset policies. Support multi-stage workflows and accommodate a diverse range of computational demands.

Build trust. Evolve your data network

With no need to centralize data, quickly build trust with HCOs by removing the need for data sharing. Meet strict security and compliance mandates through a governance portal.

Run data enrichment pipelines to speed up data readiness.

More accurate insights

Leverage technical capabilities to grow your data provider network, enrich your data, and enable your customers to go deeper with your data.

Increase data depth of your existing data network (multi-modal data, or additional data values). Increase data breadth by widening your data network to new regions to offer globally distributed patient data.

Enable customers to leverage pre-canned models, implement their own models or use their own data together with yours.

Advancing RWE across borders

Provide granular computational access to distributed patient data across organizational and geographical borders while remaining compliant.

Increase insights from diverse datasets for differentiated and performant models.

Programmatic interface reduces costs of RWE application development or integration.

Control compute

Clearly define permitted computations and statistical functions for each dataset and user. Automatically validate incoming computational requests from your customers against configured asset policies.

Inspect code

Inspect and evaluate model code changes. Ensure compliance with set policies and approve or reject in the same workflow. Empower research teams to iterate while minimizing your effort assessing privacy and compliance risks.

Maintain auditability

Maintain a transparent audit trail via detailed logging. Utilize a robust API for seamless integration into your current logging infrastructure.

Certifiably secure

Advancing life sciences research with granular computational access to real-world data for AI, ML and analytics.

Disease and treatment R&D

Help your pharma and life sciences customers to advance their understanding of diseases and treatments.

Drug development

Boost your pharma customers' drug development processes.

Clinical tooling

Enable your customers to gain insights from clinical tools used in healthcare delivery to fuel their R&D.

Connect and scale

Connect to multiple gateways to enable federated learning over data that crosses organizational and geographical boundaries. Enable new use cases while reducing cost and increasing speed of providing data for machine learning and analytics.

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"We have the capabilities to interrogate our rich dataset, but we lack the governance and privacy piece to enable our customers to do this on EU data. This is what Apheris helps solve for us as we embed the tech into our product."

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