Collaborative Data Ecosystems in Pharma

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Develop the most effective treatments at scale

Unlock siloed data with partners to enable more accurate predictive models and increase

efficiencies in drug discovery and development

Boost the predictive performance and increase the applicability domain of drug-discovery models

Shorten R&D cycle to see real business impacts using AI with proven turnkey applications

Build a flexible, scalable, and secure network with partners to train predictive models

Connect with world-class research institutions and securely access high-quality research data

Confidently and securely load and train AI that will not reveal anything about the data or models you own

Prioritize privacy and securely train AI across multiple partners

"Apheris' innovative framework to federated and privacy-preserving data science allowed us to train robust predictive AI models with two of our partners while keeping all data private, onsite, and safe."

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E-BOOK Collaborate in Pharma

Learn how you can enable data science on not directly accessible and distributed data.

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What this E-Book covers:

The data collaboration journey...

  • ...of two pharma companies that use protein-ligand interaction data and AI models to predict target binding of novel compounds.
  • ...of a pharma company that fuels their drug discovery activities by leveraging molecule data.
  • ...of an AI-focussed health tech company that developed AI models to improve decision-making processes for cancer treatments.