Collaborative Data Ecosystems in Healthcare

x-ray image of a brain

Improve patient outcomes with previously unavailable insights

Connect structured and unstructured data from EHR, wearables, imaging platforms, genome sequencers, and more to deliver a complete view about patient health

Leverage third-party data without putting privacy at risk

Source worldwide and multimodal datasets from your partners

Fuel precision
medicine with partners

Power a precision
therapeutic approach

Collaborate on data with
Federated Learning

Train AI models securely across several hospitals and laboratories

"In addition to our MRI machines, we want to offer AI applications that automate workflows and provide clinical decision support. Yet, hospitals cannot share their sensitive patient data with us. It takes years to get such data with specific patient consent."

CDO of a large MedTech provider

E-BOOK Collaborate in Healthcare

See different data collaboration setups and learn how healthcare companies can jointly work on applied artificial intelligence to drive innovation in healthcare.

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What this E-Book covers:

The data collaboration journey...

  • ...of a MedTech company who needs access to thousands of annotated MRI scans from several hospitals.
  • ...of a data science team in a pharma company who needs cancer patient data from hospitals and institutions.
  • ...of a genomics company who analyzes genomics data from laboratories.