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Data governs the modern world. We live in an era where personal and sensitive data is captured whenever and wherever possible. Concerns about data privacy are frequently met with the statement that the data is anonymized – any identifying features were removed from the data. Anonymization techniques like these are most common data-handling practices in an attempt to eliminate privacy risks, and they are almost always used even by companies that specialize in data privacy...

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May 14, 2019

By Robin Röhm

Aug 21, 2019

By Jonas Rauchhaus, Robin Röhm

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Data scientists all around the world are craving for data. The desire to train and deploy cutting-edge machine learning algorithms like neural networks pushes the need for more data to the next level. This quickly poses a problem when new data collection is tedious, costly or simply impossible. Synthetic data gained more and more popularity as of lately, since it promises to fulfil the need for large amount of data. The possibility to just create some “fake” data, that for instance can subsequently be used as training data for...

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