Apheris's use cases

Learn how you can build new data driven business models on top of distributed data

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How we work with customers

Apheris leverages data access and AI expertise to provide end-to-end services and solutions that can be used across industries

The combination of what we bring to the table is our foundation for success

Let's drive innovation and breakthroughs in your industry by unlocking entirely new insights from distributed data. Together we can create new data driven business models and set-up a long-lasting system for future data sharing projects.

Your setup

A challenging topic, access to distributed data (i.e. internal or supplier’s data) and strong domain expertise is what you need to get started with us and to unlock the full potential of your data.

Our expertise

With our product we enable federated and privacy-preserving computations. We have a interdisciplinary team of leading experts and successfully applied our services across multiple industries for the world's largest enterprises.

You have a similar use case?

If you want to explore how we can support you, reach out to us and we are happy to look into it together!