Our Story

apheris AI was founded by Robin Röhm and Michael Höh with a shared dream of empowering companies to run analytics on decentralized datasets. Michael developed software infrastructure for distributed data during his PhD at Forschungszentrum Jülich and his time at BCG. Robin has a background in algebraic theories for data linkage and data privacy and has experienced the complexity of centralizing sensitive personal healthcare data firsthand in one of his previous start-ups. 


Through their work, they encountered barriers that limit progress within data driven industries: data is often stored in silos and most companies work in closed data ecosystems. Therefore apheris AI strives to connect the world’s data to extract better insights.

Our team comprises PhD level scientists, machine learning engineers and experts in the field of privacy preserving computations and big data analysis

Company Culture

Good isn’t good enough. We care about building a high-quality product, trusted relationships with our customers and we never forget that our team is our most valuable asset. We grow constantly, individually and together. We love learning and we love to empower the people around us. Together, we can make a difference and connect the world’s data. Help us and join our team.

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We have a positive mindset

Why We're Great >

We embrace failure

Why We're Great >

Together we are successful
We have learned from the best
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