We make privacy-preserving data sharing possible.
apheris AI enables you to connect and run analyses on distributed data while preserving data privacy.
Data Analytics Today
Without apheris AI

Today’s analytics require data to be stored in one central location. The dataset used is limited to the data the organization owns.

Privacy concerns restrict data sharing, and it is cumbersome to overcome these restrictions to analyze data from other sources.

Data Analyst
Own Central Data
Data Analyst
Distributed Data Network
With apheris AI

Data analytics become federated and private. Insights are gathered across distributed and additional external datasets.

The federated data network allows private and personal data to stay decentralized in its current location, ensuring privacy preservation.

Our technology is compatible with a broad range of regulatory environments.

Platform for federated and privacy preserving analytics & AI
How apheris AI works
Our technology
We use these innovative technologies to enable privacy-preserving data analytics and machine learning:

Secure Multiparty Computations

Differential Privacy

Privacy Preserving Record Linkage

Federated Machine Learning

Homomorphic Encryption

Our Technologies in Action
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Secure Multi Party Computation

Secure Multi Party Computation