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Why choose Apheris

Apheris will enable you to unlock value in your data where it previously has not been possible due to IP, regulatory or security constraints. With our secure and federated architecture, you can rest assured you’re staying in control of all data assets without risk of exposure, breach, or misuse.

asset policy
Remain in control of your data

By never sharing data and with robust asset policies you control who has access and for what purpose. Logging of every interaction allows for traceability and audit to meet regulatory requirements.

Work with customers across new territories

Because data doesn't move, and with the right privacy-enhancing technologies in place, you can unlock new opportunities knowing that you will remain compliant with regulation.

Provide the flexibility your customers want

Allow your customers to unlock complementary data value and integrate insights from your data into their machine learning models.

How it works

Our Federated Data Platform enables you to create your own network of trusted partners without sharing or moving any data. With access controls set by you, data consumers are able to tap into the value of your complementary data with ease.


Define how your data can be accessed and used by customers and partners for trusted collaboration.


Apheris encourages the standardization of processes and alignment around a common data model to ensure interoperability between you and your customers.


Allow the data consumer to include insights into their analyses and machine learning models to unlock greater value from your data.


When models are validated and deployed for continuous learning, you’ll know your data is being used to solve some of the biggest problems our planet is facing.

Federated architecture

Data never moves, and analyses and ML computations are brought to the data to ensure data sovereignty, ownership, and IP are all protected. With a focus on automating processes for data providers the Apheris solution is scalable for even the largest of enterprises.

Private & Secure

Fine-grained access controls and asset policies determine who has access and for what purpose. Multiple privacy-enhancing technologies allow users to set the appropriate level of privacy for the type of data so that maximum value is extracted from any dataset.


For collaboration to be successful, strong governance is a must. With the Apheris platform, data providers stay in full control of data and define access through robust controls. All parties have access to material and training that helps them design blueprints for processes and structures to standardize for successful collaboration.

Working across industries

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Helping improve understanding of diseases, push forward drug discovery and find better treatments.

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Working with healthcare to improve patient outcomes with previuosly unavailable insights.

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By making data accessible across industries in the supply chain, processes can be optimized, stability can be improved and predictive maintenance efforts can be more effective.

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If you think you could benefit from working with Apheris and making your data accessible through collaborative data ecosystems

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Making onboarding partners easier

Data Provider

"When I think about Apheris, I think about acceleration. We were able to accelerate the onboarding of new partners by months, which also lead to much faster development and evolution of our own data products."

Sr. Director Strategic Partnerships Leading Data Aggregator



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