Put your data to work to enhance your business. All data stays completely protected under your control.

We offer selected partners the opportunity to join our data ecosystem

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About the data ecosystem

Apheris offers the unique opportunity to explore new business models on top of your data. Generate new revenue streams via partnering with collaborating companies – intellectual property and data privacy is preserved via our unique technology for computations in zero or low trust environments. The platform is already used for drug discovery, new product R&D, and supply chain optimization.

Your benefits

Unlock the full value of your data and build entirely new revenue streams on top of it

Commercialise data access

Recurringly sell access to data and develop completely new revenue streams

Increase business with collaboration partner

Strengthen your core business with existing and new customers based on the data collaboration

Accelerate your core business

Gain analytics & AI capabilities from a data partner to better understand and leverage internal data assets

Improve your analytics & AI

Boost own analytics & AI capabilities via access to complementary data of collaborators within the ecosystem

Become an authorised partner

Data categories particularly of interest in our data ecosystem

Physicochemical information

Structural information

Interaction data

High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

Genetic data

Expression data

In-vitro / In-vivo data

Clinical data

In 3 steps to more innovation

Get in touch to discuss joining the pre-assessment partnership program. We will orchestrate the collaboration between you and suitable pharmaceutical and life science companies to leverage your data while preserving privacy. Your data is completely protected, intellectual property is preserved and no proprietary information is exposed.

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Overview of our partnership program and your benefits in joining, pre-assessment of data resources and collaboration interests

Our awesome features
Identify potential collaboration partners

Based on data resources and collaboration interests

Our awesome features
Orchestrate partnerships

Apheris experts detail the collaboration use case and provide contractual support

Our awesome features

Join Apheris and make the most out of your data!

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