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Part-time Research Intern

What will keep you challenged

Becoming an expert in machine learning algorithms, in particular how they can be trained while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of private data; with a focus on the health industry.

Developing a competency in:

  • Federated Learning

  • Public Key Infrastructure

  • Homomorphic Encryption

  • Differential Privacy

  • Distributed Ledger Systems

Leveraging federated data networks to allow researchers to train models while maintaining zero-knowledge of the training data.

Identifying the latest trends in privacy preserving data analysis in healthcare.


Writing technical content articles which will address challenging technical and mathematical concepts at a high-level, where content will be accessible to naive readers.

Producing technical research papers, to be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.

Helping us change the way that data is handled in healthcare, adapting the infrastructure to empower citizens and safeguarding their privacy.

What to bring with you

  • A passion for empowering citizens through privacy preserving machine learning

  • Background in Cryptography, Mathematics or Data & Computer Science

  • Currently doing your Masters and interested in Cybersecurity, Privacy-Preserving Technology and Machine-Learning

  • Knowledge and Skills:


  • Good understanding of Statistics, Algebra and Computer Science

  • Good understanding of mathematics & machine learning / deep learning, genuine interest in cryptography, data and algorithms and excitement about understanding difficult problems

  • Ability to familiarize yourself with complicated topics, break them down and write articles about them.


  • Experience developing with Python

    • PyTorch or Tensorflow knowledge is a plus

  • Experience in developing algorithms

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Part-Time

  • Location: Remote or in Berlin / Cologne

  • Education level: Undertaking your Masters degree

Please submit your CV to and we will reach out to you and set up a first call to get to know you.