Secure Multi-Partner Data Collaboration in Manufacturing

Inside of a factory with robotic arms assembling large machinery

Accelerate your journey towards AI-powered manufacturing and optimize production across your supply chain.

With the Apheris Platform, data from multiple companies can be leveraged to train AI models without putting their trade secrets and intellectual property at risk.

production quality

Predict the quality of products by leveraging process parameters from partners

Reduce the risk of
machine downtime and increase OEE

Optimize OEE by sharing data
with partners along in value chain

Optimize processes
along the supply chain

Securely connect with partners and reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain

"With the Apheris Platform, we are finally able to leverage data of our suppliers. We created a high-value anomaly detection model with very little effort. This has already identified 97 percent of the anomalies in the actual process. We particularly like how quick and easy the implementation of Apheris was."

Director of Production, Global Manufacturer

E-BOOK Collaborate in Manufacturing

Learn how multiple companies across a manufacturing value chain have securely collaborated on data while protecting the IP of any party, data, or model

What this E-Book covers:

The data collaboration journey...

  • ...of a coating supplier who needs to increase output quality to consistently meet the OEM targets.
  • ...of an Industrial Solution Provider that developed AI-features for its immersion heaters.
  • ...of an automotive supplier for high-performance plastics parts who developed an AI model to predict material behavior.