Collaborative Data Ecosystems in the Chemistry Industry

glass model of chemical molecule structure

Accelerate your research with better, more sustainable materials and chemicals and optimize production

Your competitive edge: securely collaborate with partners, customer, and suppliers

and unlock the full value of your data and data assets

Optimize the performance of materials and chemicals

Reduce recipe costs, optimize processing and discover new out-of-the-box materials with data from third parties


Outperform industry-peers through innovation on AI and access to more high-quality data

Improve recallability and biodegradability

Contribute to a CO2-neutral future and a circular economy by connecting your value chain

"We didn't know how much of a game changer it is when we could make use of our data together with the production data of our suppliers. We are now optimizing our production across the supply chain – the ROI is impressive and we are just beginning to realize its potential.”

Head of Digital Products of a leading chemical company

E-BOOK Collaborate in the Chemistry Industry

When two material providers collaborate and develop power AI models for accelerated discovery and the development of superior formulations, the Intellectual Property of their test data and recipe information from their portfolio is always be protected by the Apheris Platform.

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What this E-Book covers:

The data collaboration journey...

  • ...of a pharmaceutical company that has QSAR AI models to predict properties of chemical compounds.
  • ...of a chemical R&D company that needs access to chemical compound data from an electric vehicle R&D department.
  • ...of a coating supplier who needs to increase output quality to consistently meet the OEM targets.