Data Engineer/Data Science

What will keep you challenged

Help build data infrastructure to allow computation (ML and analytics) on federated data networks while preserving the privacy for the underlying data.

Help us build never-before-seen technologies in the sector of privacy preserving analysis for healthcare data.

Help us change the future of healthcare by leveraging the newest technology and insights from scientific research.

What to bring with you

  • Background (ideally PhD) in Cryptography, Mathematics or Computer Science + industry experience as a data scientist

  • Knowledge and Skills:


  • Very good programming skills in Python

  • Experience with data analysis frameworks (e.g. Pandas, Numpy) and machine learning frameworks (e.g. scikit-learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch)

  • Experience with database systems (SQL, ideally also NoSQL) and their inner workings

  • Understanding of current web technologies (HTTP, TCP)

  • Strong grasp of programming best-practices (e.g. code clarity, documentation, git, etc.)


  • Programming skills in additional languages, e.g. R, Go etc.

  • Experience in developing algorithms beyond academic research (for real world production)

  • Microservices & Deployment (Docker, Kubernetes)

  • Genuine interest in data algorithms and excitement about solving difficult problems

  • Eagerness to delve into new technologies and programming languages

  • Basic understanding of mathematics

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time

  • Location: Worldwide (remote) or in Berlin/Cologne

  • Education level: MSc, PhD and more 

Please submit your CV to and we will reach out to you and set up a first call to get to know you.

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