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We are looking for an Expert in Cryptography and/or Privacy Preserving Computations with the right skillset to complement our team with practical deep tech and coding expertise. Join us putting cutting-edge privacy preserving technologies and federated computations into production.

About apheris AI

We believe in a world where innovation and breakthroughs in R&D are driven by collaboration among companies. At apheris AI, our mission is to empower large enterprises to build and orchestrate data ecosystems that enable such collaboration. Our product allows companies to collectively analyze data, while preserving the privacy and intellectual property of it. We leverage the latest advancements in the fields of federated machine learning, cryptography, data privacy technologies and computational chemistry and help the largest companies in the world push R&D into production. Our company is well funded and backed by some of the globally best Venture Capital Funds and Angel Investors. Our incredibly talented and interdisciplinary team is composed of world-leading experts in their fields as well as entrepreneurs and engineers that have been trained at top-tier companies and universities.  We strongly contribute to Open Source; we learn fast, grow rapidly and we have absolute conviction that the next large tech company is currently being built in the heart of Berlin.

Right now, we are building out a handful of R&D data ecosystems with large enterprise customers – our focus industries are pharma & healthcare, chemical R&D and manufacturing. We productize our general-purpose tech core for private data sharing and we heavily ramp up our business development to win the next data ecosystems with leading industry players. The use cases we address are primarily related to R&D acceleration empowered by machine learning applications – the data ecosystems are the foundation for a breakthrough in those use cases.

If all of this sounds like a company you want to be part of, we are delighted to learn more about you.

About this position

As a domain Expert in Cryptography, you will help us build never-seen-before deep tech products for our high-profile customers. You contribute to the apheris AI products, including protocol and architecture and author detailed technical concepts around cryptography. You identify and resolve performance bottlenecks and perform and participate in code reviews. Together with our CTO and other senior engineers you will help us hit product milestones by writing high quality, well tested code.

What you bring to the table

  • Background (ideally PhD) in Cryptography, Mathematics or Computer Science and ideally related industry experience.

  • Expert knowledge in privacy preserving computations - in particular cryptographic primitives and concepts such as homomorphic encryption, private set intersection, secure multi-party computation, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.

  • Very good understanding of mathematics & machine learning / deep learning, genuine interest in data and algorithms and excitement about solving difficult problems.

  • Strong communication skills and ability to lead technical discussions.

  • Ability to apply latest concepts in cryptography / privacy preserving technologies to completely new data.

  • Solid understanding of database systems (SQL) and their inner workings is a plus.

  • Expertise coding in languages such as Python, Go, Rust, C++.

  • Strong grasp of programming best-practices (e.g. code clarity, documentation, git).

  • Experience in developing algorithms beyond academic research (for real world production) is a plus.

  • Experience with Microservices & Deployment (Docker, Kubernetes) and cloud environments is a plus.

The requirements above are a non-exhaustive list of skills which, from our experience, people successful in similar roles have. If this does not match 100% with you, but you think you fit to this role, we encourage you to apply anyway. We hire mainly based on your personality, potential and motivation to learn and grow, and together we can adapt the role in a way that is meant to fit you!

What we offer you

  • We offer you a cool and engaged team with incredibly intelligent and motivated colleagues that are domain experts in various fields. They will support you in getting up-to-speed with our tech stack!

  • We care about diversity and equality and live an open company culture with clear communication and encourage active participation in all areas.

  • Exciting growth phase: we are backed by some of the best investors in the world and are growing rapidly.

  • We believe that your contribution goes beyond your CV, for us it is important that you connect well with the apheris team.

  • Our team has the right mix of getting-things-done and getting-things-right mentality with a good amount of fun added to it.

  • We deeply care about your development and well-being, so naturally we offer you lots of room for your professional and personal development.

  • We have made it our mission to not only let you shape this position but support your growth.

  • We have a very nice office in the heart of Berlin. Part of our team sits in the Cologne area. We support home office from anywhere. Whatever suits you, we are sure to find the right arrangement.

  • We offer industry-competitive compensation.

Key facts

  • Contract Type: full-time

  • Location: preferably Berlin, partly remote is possible​

  • Education Level: Master's degree or higher

Please submit your CV to and we will reach out to you and set up a first call to get to know you.

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