How we live sustainability at Apheris

At Apheris, we believe in a culture of impact. We are grateful for our privileges and take action to have a positive influence on our environment and society. By making our efforts transparent, we want to project our values and inspire others to follow our lead.

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Action steps to become more environmentally sustainable

We are committed to running Apheris in an environmentally sustainable way. That is why our office and digital services all run on 100% renewable energy. When Apheris employees travel, we opt for trains over planes, and we preferably procure second-hand products, such as IT equipment and other office materials. We have actively worked toward reducing and compensating our CO2 emissions over the years, and we naturally seek to offset these emissions by supporting carbon removal projects that tackle issues surrounding climate change. We also constantly seek to improve, including working with Supercritical to develop an even deeper understanding of Apheris’ carbon footprint, along with more opportunities to reduce it or offset remaining emissions as we head into the future. In this blog article, you can read more about our collaboration with Supercritical.

Our awesome features
Collaborating towards a more sustainable future

Our customers are mostly large enterprises that are part of global supply chains and ecosystems. Through multi-partner data collaboration and with the help of AI, we are actively supporting them to develop better products, reduce waste, and get more transparency in their value chains. We intend for the impact that we have on our customers to extend beyond the quality of our services and products and set a direction for a brighter and more environmental conscious future.

Michael Höh

Michael Höh (PhD)

CTO & Co-Founder

"We at Apheris take sustainability seriously, both in our internal company but also in terms of the projects that we empower."