Secure Multi-Partner Data Collaboration in the Automotive Industry

inside a automobile factory with robotic arms

Build the most advanced data-driven value chain

for the automotive industry

Multi-Partner Data Collaboration on AI in the automotive industry can accelerate both

research activities, and traditional engineering

Securely share data from
autonomous or electric vehicles

Jointly train highly generalizable AI models across multiple departments and companies

Environmental impact
and sustainability

Leverage real-world data that
was previously impossible to access

and Supply Chain

Establish secure end-to-end data chains with Tier-n suppliers for value creation processes

"Before Apheris, the time to market would’ve been weeks, if not months, to meet the compliance and analysis requirements to collaborate with our customers and partners of the supply chain. Now, it takes hours."

Lead Expert Machine Learning and AI, Automotive OEM

E-BOOK Collaborate in Automotive Industries

Learn how multiple parties along the automotive value chain can securely collaborate using their most sensitive data while protecting data and algorithmic IP at all times.

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What this E-Book covers:

The data collaboration journey...

  • ...of a chemical R&D company that needs access to chemical compound data from an electric vehicle R&D department.
  • ...of a coating supplier that needs to increase the output quality to consistently meet the OEM targets.
  • ...of an automotive supplier for high-performance plastics parts who developed an AI model to predict material behavior.