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Data Ecosystem to Develop Autonomous Driving Systems

Vehicle OEMs independently develop automated vehicle systems on their own proprietary data. The Apheris Platform allows multiple vehicle OEMs to develop more advanced systems by jointly training machine learning models on diverse and distributed data of multiple parties, while preserving intellectual property.

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Vehicle OEMs independently collect data linked to their own automated vehicle systems, including interactions between their vehicles with third-party vehicles, pedestrians, and other real-world objects. For autonomous driving applications, large and diverse datasets encompassing the maximum range of possible situations are critical to training advanced and robust models. Such models can be used to develop better systems for autopilot features, pedestrian avoidance, and inclement weather navigation.


The autonomous vehicle market is highly competitive, which restrains the opportunities of open data sharing between different vehicle OEMs. At the same time, the vehicle OEMs are in urgent need of advanced technology development to generate or extend their competitive advantage. Improved AI models would be of significant value for accelerating the development of autonomous driving applications but require large and diverse datasets.

Apheris solution

With the Apheris Platform for federated and privacy preserving data science, multiple OEMs can train their proprietary models on each other’s data, while all data and algorithmic IP is fully protected. The involved parties benefit from more diverse training data and improved AI models without putting their intellectual property at risk.

Advantages of using Apheris

More reliable models

The Apheris Platform for federated and privacy preserving data science enables more robust and reliable AI models that enable faster technology advancement

Safer autonomous driving

Improved AI models lead to safer autonomous driving systems that are beneficial for all interacting parties (not only drivers, but also pedestrians and cyclists)

Gain a competitive advantage

Participating vehicle OEMs gain a competitive advantage while maintaining their independence and control over their data

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